How does this work?

That is a great question… We get this question on the phone regularly.  The quick answer is we buy houses “as is”.  We close whenever you like.  We have closed in less than 20 days and we have closed over a year after we signed a purchase agreement. The longer answer is we serve you by giving you options.  We know from over a decade of experience that every situation is different!  I have yet to find a one size fits all solution to everyone’s real estate needs.

  • We worked with a seller to cut a deal with the County after he lost his house in tax forfeiture.  James, had a unique need!
  • We have purchased several homes from family after a loved one passed away.
  • We have many times gone to make an offer and pointed owners toward listing the house.  Because we are licensed with National Realty Guild, often times we have represented sellers on the MLS when originally they requested we purchase the property.
  • We have done renovations for seller’s to help them maximize the sale price before we list the property.

What will you pay for my house?

Of course it all depends and we always need to complete a walkthrough before we can write you an “As Is” offer. Generally this is the formula we use to create an offer. (After Repaired Value X’s 70%) – (cost of repairs) = Max offer We have been using this basic formula since 2007.  When we make our offer we are happy to share with you all the numbers and details of how we came up with it. At the same time our offers are more than just math!  There is an art form to getting an agreement together that works for both parties.   We have purchased a lot of “stuff” with houses:

  • junk appliances
  • junk cars
  • a sailboat once
  • massive broken pool tables
  • moldy furniture
  • Lots of clothing
  • Furnature
  • Fish tanks
  • old oil tank
  • you name it and we likely had it come with a house

We have changed our formula some when a house doesn’t need a ton of work.  We have at times estimated the after repair value higher than the neighborhood average when we are dealing with appreciating values. We put our offers in writing and have a very high acceptance rate.  We think its because of our creed we live by- NOT selling….Serving! Feel free to call, Jesse, at 612-386-4478 to discuss any house or apartment your thinking of selling.

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